Thursday Lecture Series

Beyond Boundaries: Inspirations and Motherhood in African Women’s Music Creative Process

Thursday, Virtual Event from 11:45am - 1:00pm EST

The Igbo African woman is inspired by her surroundings and experiences, including the variety of roles she performs in society. She breathes nature and utilizes all its gifts in creating her arts; her experiences translate into songs, dances, clothing, and instrumentations. She consistently performs her motherly and mother figure roles in society by making them part of her creative process. The inspirations could come from a faraway land, but she responds and utilizes them as soon as they are “brought” into her environment. Inspirations from faraway lands are brought through physical contacts and the media. Her creativities align with time, space, and specific contexts; a song she creates when happy may differ from the one she makes when sad, though she may compose both within a short time. Hence, conflicts, contradictions, and complexities that characterize Igbo, African women’s creative experiences, as well as my descriptions and analyses. I examine the creative process of Obiwuruotu Women’s Dance Group, a group of married women musicians in Southeastern Nigeria, to reveal where they get inspiration to create music and how their creative process is centered around their roles as mothers and mother figures.

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Talks in this series will be followed by discussion, including a Q&A session with the audience.

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