Special Events

Reworking Political Concepts III: A Critical Lexicon

Friday, The Heyman Center

Political Concepts is a multidisciplinary project and annual conference that seeks to be a forum for engaged scholarship, conversation, and constructive debate rather than the construction of an encyclopedic ideal. Each lexical entry focuses on a single concept in the field of political discourse and aims to address what has remained unquestioned or un-thought in that concept. Our aim is to expand the scope of what demands political accounting, and for this reason we welcome essays that fashion new political concepts or demonstrate how concepts deserve to be taken as politically significant. It is our view that “politics” refers to the multiplicity of forces, structures, problems, and orientations that shape our collective life. Politics enters the frame wherever our lives together are staked and whenever collective action could make a difference to the outcome.
The conference was co-sponsored by The Humanities Initiative and the Department of Comparative Literature (NYU); The New School for Social Research; The Society of Fellows in the Humanities, Columbia University; and The Institute for Comparative Literature and Society, Columbia University.