Fall 2010

Thursday Lecture Series: Violence and Critique

The Prison, Welfare, and Labor Market Nexus: A Gendered Analysis of the Violence of Incarceration

  • Kristin Bumiller, George Daniel Olds Professor in Economic and Social Institutions, Amherst College

Professor Bumiller’s talk examined the gendered dimension of ex-prisoner issues, in particular, the ways that ex-prisoners’ concerns, including employment, discrimination, and even activism, are fundamentally shaped by their intersections with gender. >>

Thursday Lecture Series: Violence and Critique

The Invention of Islamic Fundamentalism

  • David Harrington Watt, Professor of History, Temple University

Operating between the registers of cultural, intellectual, and religious history, Professor Watt explored the processes through which, over the course of the twentieth century, “fundamentalism” metastasized from a parochial condition of American Protestantism to a purported global phenomenon marked as being a problem: dangerous, authoritarian, and worthy of concerted scrutiny. >>