Fall 2014

Thursday Lecture Series are open to Columbia faculty, students, and guests. Special Events are open to the public, unless otherwise noted.

Special Events

The Potency of Indigenous Bibles and Biographies

  • Ana Mariella Bacigalupo, Associate Professor of Anthropology, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

Mapuche oral shamanic biographies and performances—some of which take the form of “Bibles” and shamanic literacies—play a central role in the production of indigenous history in southern Chile. In this talk, titled "The Potency of Indigenous Bibles and Biographies: Mapuche Shamanic Literacy and Historical Consciousness," Professor Bacigalupo explains how and why a mixed-race Mapuche shaman charged her to write about the shaman's life and practice in the form of a “Bible.” >>

Special Events

Rewriting English: Gauri Viswanathan’s “Masks of Conquest” at Twenty-Five

The Society of Fellows presents an all-day conference celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of Gauri Viswanathan's Masks of Conquest: Literary Study and British Rule in India. Viswanathan’s book changed the way we think about English Literature as a "discipline" -- both educational and colonial; it continues to be one of the most important works on the teaching of English in colonial India >>