Spring 2010

Thursday Lecture Series are open to Columbia faculty, students, and guests. Special Events are open to the public, unless otherwise noted.

Thursday Lecture Series: Violence and Critique

Listen to the Devil

  • Scott Atran, Presidential Scholar, University of Michigan, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Professor Atran offered a number of case studies of the process by which individuals are recruited into violent extremism, examining the role of networks of friendship and kin within contexts of neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, and leisure activity. >>

Thursday Lecture Series: Violence and Critique

Forensic Architecture: Only the Criminal Can Solve the Crime

  • Eyal Weizman, Professor of Spatial and Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths College, University of London

A strange story unfolded in the shadows of the legal and diplomatic furor that accompanied the release, on 15 September 2009, of Richard Goldstone’s Report on the United Nations Fact-Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, which alleged that the Israeli army (and Hamas) committed war crimes and indeed that Israel might even be guilty of “crimes against humanity.” >>

Thursday Lecture Series: Violence and Critique

Music, Interpellation, and Violence among Korean Survivors of the Japanese Military “Comfort Women”

  • Joshua Pilzer, Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology, University of Toronto

There are numerous ways to understand the place of violence in the lives of the survivors of Japanese military sexual slavery during the Asia Pacific War (1910-45), but it is perhaps most important to ask how survivors have thought about and responded to violence.  >>