Spring 2013

Special Events

The Moment of British Women’s History: Memories, Celebrations, Assessments, Critiques

The conference brought together scholars from across England and the U.S. and received additional support from The Heyman Center for the Humanities; The Department of History; The Department of English and Comparative Literature; The University Seminar in Modern British History; British Studies at Columbia; The Institute for Research on Women and Gender; and The Office of the President, Barnard College. >>

Thursday Lecture Series: Animation

Animation & Dynamic Visual Intelligence

  • Patrick Grim, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Stony Brook University

Against a history of animation from Windsor McCay to contemporary fine art, Professor Grim’s paper focused on both the psychological facts and the philosophical questions regarding our dynamic visual processing.  >>

Thursday Lecture Series: Animation

On Not Being Someone Else

  • Andrew H. Miller, Professor of English, Indiana University

Professor Miller’s talk considered the imagination of counterfactual self-understanding in literature and film, with special attention to the film Another Year (director Mike Leigh, 2010).  >>

Thursday Lecture Series: Animation


  • Hugh Raffles, Professor of Anthropology, The New School

Professor Raffle’s talk was drawn from an ongoing book project that explores the lives of stone. >>

Thursday Lecture Series: Animation

“You Live and do not Harm me!”: Shifts in Approaches to Objects in Turn-of-the-Century Anthropology

  • Spyridon Papapetros, Associate Professor in
    History and Theory of Architecture
    , Princeton University

Professor Papapetros described how turn-of-the-century art history projected ethnographic theories of animistic practices on Renaissance and modern artworks while endowing inert images with the semblance of liveliness (Lebendigkeit) and animation (Belebung). >>