Frequently Asked Questions

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Application Materials

Application Submission


Evaluation Procedure

  • Who reviews the applications?

    First-round vetting is conducted by faculty from the academic department with which the applicant would be affiliated as a Fellow. Second-round vetting is conducted by current Fellows and members of the Society’s Governing Board. Finalists are interviewed by the Society of Fellows Selection Committee, which is comprised of members of the Governing Board and one current Fellow.

  • What criteria does the selection committee use to evaluate applications?

    The selection committee values not only applicants' demonstrated excellence within their scholarly fields but also their ability to convey the importance of their work to readers in other disciplines. 


  • Will the Society of Fellows confirm receipt of my application materials?

    You will receive an automated e-mail from the Society of Fellows indicating that your online application has been received. Should you wish to receive confirmation that your hardcopy application materials have been received, please include with your application materials a stamped, self-addressed postcard. On the postcard, please include the message: “Application to Columbia University Society of Fellows received.”

  • Will the Society of Fellows contact me regarding acceptance decisions?

    Finalists are invited for a personal interview with the Society of Fellows Selection Committee. Invitations to interview will be extended by late December with interviews occurring in late January. Applicants who have not been contacted by 8 January 2018 should assume that their candidacy is no longer active.