Chie Sakakibara

Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Oberlin College

Chie Sakakibara is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at Oberlin College. Prior to her current appointment, Chie was a post-doctoral research fellow at the Earth Institute and Center for Ethnomusicology at Columbia University (2008-2010). Her academic backgrounds are in cultural geography, art history, and Native American studies, and her teaching and research interests lie in the field of the human dimensions of global environmental change among indigenous peoples, specifically on their cultural resilience and socio-environmental justice. Her current research focuses on climate change and its influence on traditional relationships with the bowhead whale in the Alaskan Arctic, particularly among the indigenous Iñupiaq people who call themselves the “People of the Whales.” In addition to her own research, she collaborates with Columbia’s Center for Ethnomusicology for their community-partnered Iñupiaq music heritage repatriation project. Chie also explores climate change and cultural resilience among the islanders of the Azores, Autonomous Region of Portugal in the northern Atlantic.