Lyndal Roper

Professor of History University of Oxford

My first book, The Holy Household. Women and Morals in Reformation Augsburg argued that the Reformation developed a theology of gender. Its attraction lay in its offer of the vision of a ‘holy household’ where the roles of men and women were clearly distinct. Oedipus and the Devil, my second book, ranges through the literary culture of the sixteenth century to the use of psychoanalysis in studying witchcraft. For Witch Craze I undertook four archivally-based case studies of witch hunting in southern Germany. This book argues that what powered the witch craze was a set of fears about fertility in the human and the natural world. The study encompasses areas of human experience that often elude the historical record, realms such as fantasy, envy and terror. The Witch in the Western Imagination, (University of Virginia Press 2012) explores images of witches and witchcraft in art and literature. In 2016, I published a biography of Martin Luther, entitled Martin Luther: Renegade and Prophet (Bodley Head, 2016).