Wolfgang Ernst

Professor of Media Theories Humboldt University Berlin

Having been academically trained as a historian and classicist with an ongoing interest in cultural tempor(e)alities, Wolfgang Ernst grew into the emergent technological media studies (in the German way) and is now Full Professor for Media Theories at Humboldt University Berlin. His research focus covers media archaeology as method, theory of technical storage, technologies of cultural transmission, micro-temporal media aesthetics (chronopoiesis), critique of history as master discourse of cultural and technological time, and sound analysis from a media-epistemological point of view (time objects and time signals). His most recent book in English is Digital Memory and the Archive (University of Minnesota Press, 2013. He also has written a forthcoming book named Sonic Time Machines. Explicit Sound, Sirenic Voices and Implicit Sonicity in Terms of Media Knowledge (Amsterdam University Press).