Fellow Spotlight: Max Mishler

Max Mishler received his PhD in History from New York University in 2016. His current book project, The Atlantic Origins of Mass Incarceration: Punishment, Abolition, and Racial Inequality,explores the intertwined history of slave-emancipation and the birth of the modern penitentiary in the Atlantic world.  >>

Fellow Spotlight: María González Pendás

María González Pendás received her PhD in Architecture History and Theory from Columbia University. Trained as an architect and a historian, González Pendás explores how architectural practices and designs intersect with politics, technologies, and culture, with a focus on processes of secularization during the second half of the twentieth century in the Iberian World.    >>

Art and the Monetary Panel 1: Paper

May 13, 2016: The first panel of the Conference on Art and the Monetary took “Paper” as its theme. It was chaired by Kevin Lotery, Columbia University, and featured the following talks: "Counterfeit Presentments: Money and Photographic Media" (Video Recording Not Available) Mazie Harris, Getty Museum "Delacroix and the Currency of Classicism" Emerson Bowyer, Assistant Curator of European Sculpture and, Decorative Arts, Metropolitan Museum of Art     >>

Art and the Monetary Panel 2: Metal

May 13, 2016: The second panel of the Conference on Art and the Monetary took “Metal” as its theme. It was chaired by Benjamin Breen, Columbia University, and featured the following talks: "Making Money: Coins by Sculptors in 1962" Alex J. Taylor, Tate "Liquidation and the Artist in the Age of Metallic Currency" (Video Recording Not Available) Allison Stielau, McGill University "Bunny Money" Jennifer Marshall, University of Minnesota >>