Fellow Spotlight: Teresa Bejan

Teresa M. Bejan received her PhD with distinction in Political Science from Yale University in 2013. Her research brings perspectives from early modern political thought to bear on questions in contemporary political theory and practice, particularly concerning issues of toleration, education, and civility. >>

Fellow Spotlight: Ian McCready-Flora

Ian McCready-Flora works mainly on Ancient Greek Philosophy (especially Aristotle and Plato), and has substantial side interests in contemporary Aesthetics, Epistemology and Applied Ethics. He is trying to understand Aristotle's conception of rationality: what is it about human thinking that distinguishes it from the sorts of thinking other animals are capable of? >>

Fellow Spotlight: Hidetaka Hirota

Hidetaka Hirota is a historian of American immigration. He received his PhD in History from Boston College, where his dissertation was awarded the university’s best humanities dissertation prize. His major research and teaching interests include race and ethnicity in America with special attention to issues of nativism, American immigration law and policy, wealth and poverty in America, global migration, and transnational history. >>