Dan-el Padilla Peralta

“Undocumented: A Dominican Boy’s Odyssey from a Homeless Shelter to the Ivy League”

Dan-el Padilla Peralta, Fellow in the Society of Fellows and Lecturer in Classics at Columbia University, will publish his memoir in July 2015. The book tells the story of how, as a boy, Padilla Peralta came to the United States legally with his family. Together they left Santo Domingo behind, but life in New York City was harder than they imagined. Their visas lapsed, and Dan-el’s father returned home. But Dan-el’s courageous mother was determined to make a better life for her bright sons. >>

Fellow Spotlight: Dan-el Padilla Peralta

Dan-el Padilla Peralta studies the history of the Roman Republic and Empire, with a particular focus on trends in religious practice. He received his PhD in Classics from Stanford University in 2014 and holds previous degrees from Princeton and Oxford. While at Stanford, he held the university’s Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship, intended to reward and encourage work across the disciplines. >>